Constitutional Values and Democratic Institutions

This theme focuses on gender, caste and marginalized sections of society within the larger ambit of social justice and equity. This theme explores through research and policy analysis, various contemporary dynamics related to issues of justice, equity, equality and communal harmony and in it the inter-sectionality between gender, caste and marginalized sections of society like tribes and minorities. This theme also delves into the consequences of communal tension and majoritarianism on both the social and economic fabric of a country.

The sub-themes under this theme are:

  • Trade-offs between economic growth and social equity
  • The progress of and push-back on efforts towards social justice
  • Understanding the causes for social tensions – a socio-psychological approach

Federalism in India Part 4 – Inter-State Coordination and Dispute Resolution

Federalism in India Part 3 – Fiscal Relations

Federalism in India Part 2 – Union, State and Concurrent Lists and the Judiciary

Federalism in India Part 1 – Features of the Constitution

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Research Paper- A Review of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act 2016

पॉलिसी वॉच: सांवैधानिक मूल्य और लोकतांत्रिक संस्थान्- अगस्त 2021

Policy Watch: Constitutional Values and Democratic Institutions- August 2021

पॉलिसी वॉच: विशेष अंक (सभी विषयों को कवर करते हुए)- जून 2021

पॉलिसी वॉच: संवैधानिक मूल्य तथा लोकतांत्रिक संस्थान – फरवरी 2021

Policy Watch: Constitutional Values and Democratic Institutions- February 2021

Policy Watch: Special Issue- December 2020

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Occasional Paper: Bhoodan and Gramdan – Are They Relevant Today?

Research Paper: Degradation of Biodiversity and Emergence of Zoonotic Diseases

Reasearch Paper: The Communal Conflict In India – Causes And Peaceful Solutions

Research Paper- Street Vendors (Protection of Livelihood and Regulation of Street Vending) Act, 2014

The challenge for civil society

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India’s Constitution needs to recognise civil society

The challenge for civil society

Social action in India: Past, present, future

RIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT, 2005: Examining Key Challenges within India’s Transparency Regime

Case Study- Public systems: Health and Education – Save a Mother Foundation

Case Study: The Jallikattu Movement, Tamil Nadu, India

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Gender Watch – Social Justice, Equity and Communal Harmony

Project – Hindu-Muslim Riots 1960-93: New Findings and Possible Remedies By Ashutosh Varshney and Steven I. Wilkinson

Project – Tribal Situation and Approach to Tribal Problems in India By B. K. Roy Burman

Project – Religion and Society in Contemporary India

Legislative Briefs – Implications of the Supreme Court Order on the Atrocities Act (April, 2018)

Policy Issue Briefs – Social Sector Highlights & Critical Overview of the Union Budget 2018-19: Health, Education, Women and Children, SC/STs and Employment Generation (February, 2018)

Legislative Briefs – Crime against Women: Beyond Numbers (January, 2018)

Legislative Briefs – The Right Of Children To Free And Compulsory Education (Second Amendment) Bill, 2017

Legislative Briefs – Deadly Combination of Fake News and Social Media (September, 2017)

Legislative Briefs – National Plan of Action for Children-2016 (April, 2017)

Legislative Briefs – The Divorce [Amendment] Bill, 2017 (March, 2017)

Legislative Briefs – Maternity Benefit 2016 (March, 2017)

Legislative Briefs – MTP Act 2014 (March, 2017)

Policy Issue Briefs – Triple Talaq (January, 2017)

Legislative Briefs – SC and ST Order Bill 2016 (January, 2017)

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Legislative Briefs – RSS and Freedom Movement (November, 2016)

Legislative Briefs – Tribal Protest and Government’s Oppression over Proposed Amendment to Tenancy Laws (November, 2016)

Policy Issue Briefs – Violence in the name of the cow (November, 2016)

Policy Issue Briefs – Anti Trafficking Bill 2016 (November, 2016)

Legislative Briefs – Transgender Persons (Protection Of Rights) Bill 2016

Policy Issue Briefs – Sterilization Camps in India – Gaps and Measures (November, 2016)

Policy Issue Briefs – Women’s Rights (September, 2016)

Policy Issue Briefs – Surrogacy Regulation Bill, 2016 (September, 2016)

Entry of Foreing Universities in India -From Privatization to Commodification of Higher Education (August, 2016)

Paper – Tribal Welfare Through Panchayats: The Experience of PESA in Orissa By Sujata Ratho – 2007

Book – Women’s Rights Access to Justice, P.D. Kaushik (New Delhi: Bookwell, 2007) – 2007

Paper – Dalits’ Changing Challenges: Progressive Social Discourses and New Communication Strategies By R. S. Khare – 2005

Book – The India Mosaic: Searching for an Identity, Bibek Debroy and D Shyam Babu (eds) (New Delhi: Academic Foundation, 2005) – 2005

Book – The Dalit Question: Reforms and Social Justice, Bibek Debroy and D. Shyam Babu (eds) (New Delhi: Globus Books, 2004) – 2004

Paper – Do we need to make war on behalf of human rights? By Jonathan Power – 2003

Paper – Dalits and New Economic Order: Some Prognostications and Prescriptions from the Bhopal Conference By D. Shyam Babu – 2003

Paper – Emerging Gender Inequalities in Asia and the Pacific By Krishna Ahooja Patel – 1997

Project – Minorities in India – 1997

Miscellaneous – Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Initiative for The Advancement of Human Civilization: Promotion of Democracy and Human Rights Worldwide – 1996

Paper – To be a citizen in the twenty-first century By Alouph Harevan – 1996

Paper – ‘Indigenous’ and ‘Tribal’ peoples and the U.N. and International Agencies By B. K. Roy Burman – 1995

Paper – Secularism, Nationalism and Modernity By Akeel Bilgrami – 1995

Paper – Equity in a Global Society By I. G. Patel – 1995

Proceedings – Compulsory Education and Child Labour – 1994

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