Policy Watch

Policy Watch-6.13 – Analyzing the No Detention Policy and its impact on the elementary education system (November 2017)

Policy Watch-6.12 – Sexual Harassment at work: Efficacy and Implementation of Laws (November 2017)

Policy Watch-6.11 – Delayed Track Renewal and Outdated Signalling Systems (November 2017)

Policy Watch-6.10 – Living will and the right to die: A debate on passive euthanasia in India (November 2017)

Policy Watch-6.9 – India’s Hidden Environmentalists (October 2017)

Policy Watch-6.8 – ICDS and Cash Transfers (October 2017)

Policy Watch-6.7 – The Life of Labour: Women and Migration in India (September 2017)

Policy Watch-6.6 – The Rohingya crisis: Another step towards a Hindu nation? (September 2017)

Policy Watch-6.5 – A Critique of the Persons in Destitution Model Bill, 2016 (September 2017)

Policy Watch-6.4 – Child Mortality in India (August 2017)

Policy Watch-6.3 – Criminalizing Marital Rape in India (August 2017)

Policy Watch-6.2 – The Doklam Conundrum: Upcoming Foreign Policy Challenges for India (August 2017)

Policy Watch-6.1 – Who is Keeping The Nation Swachh? (August 2017)

Policy Watch-5.49 – Assam: Where Flood is an Annual Visitor (July 2017)

Policy Watch-5.48 – Panacea for Indian Farmers: Mandis, e-NAM or Amazon? (July 2017)

Policy Watch-5.47 – Is the Indian Job Market Puzzled due to Lack of Reliable Data? (July 2017)

Policy Watch-5.46 – Smart City Mission: Limited Development in Scope (July 2017)

Policy Watch-5.45 – Will shift to Electric Mobility leave the poor behind? (June 2017)

Policy Watch-5.44 – Growing Child Deprivation in India (June 2017)

Policy Watch-5.43 – Implementation Failures of the RTE Act, 2009 in Punjab and Haryana (June 2017)

Policy Watch-5.42 – Growing Unemployment in India (May 2017)

Policy Watch-5.41 – GM Mustard: Call to improve our Inadequate Regulatory Framework (May 2017)

Policy Watch-5.40 – Niti Aayog’s Vision for North-East (May 2017)

Policy Watch-5.39 – Implementation Failures: ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ Scheme (May 2017)

Policy Watch-5.38 – World Happiness Report: Analyzing India’s Rank (April 2017)

Policy Watch-5.37 – Heat Wave State Action Plan: Are they enough to tackle the looming threat of Global Warming? (April 2017)

Policy Watch-5.36 – Death in Silence: The Urgency to Address the Inadequate Mental Health Care in India (April 2017)

Policy Watch-5.35 – Linking Mid-Day Meal to Aadhaar (April 2017)

Policy Watch-5.34 – Farmer Suicides in India (March 2017)

Policy Watch-5.33 – Informal Labour in a Formal Economy (March 2017)

Policy Watch-5.32 – Gender Parity versus Customary Laws: The rights of Naga tribal women (March 2017)

Policy Watch-5.31 – No Share for Labour in the Emerging Sharing Economy (March 2017)

Policy Watch-5.30 – Regulation of Coronary Stent prices: An unfinished battle (February 2017)

Policy Watch-5.29 – The Factories Act (Amendment) Bill 2016 (February 2017)

Policy Watch-5.28 – Budget Analysis- 2017-18 (February 2017)

Policy Watch-5.27 – Maternity Benefit Scheme (February 2017)

Policy Watch-5.26 – Resurrection of the Global Gag Rule: An impediment on Women’s Health Rights (January 2017)

Policy Watch-5.25 – Making a Case to Criminalise Marital Rape (January 2017)

Policy Watch-5.24 – Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (Prohibition of Sex Selection) Act: The Hurdle Race (January 2017)

Policy Watch-5.23 – Accepting the Identities: Bezbaruah Committee Report for the Racial Discrimination against People from North-East India (January 2017)

Policy Watch-5.22 – LGBT: The Unfinished Policy Agenda (January 2017)

Policy Watch-5.21 – Autonomy of the Central Bank (December 2016)

Policy Watch-5.20 – Contesting Intergenerational Relationships and Property Rights (December 2016)

Policy Watch-5.19 – Demonetisation – A Just Move for Behaviour Change? (December 2016)

Policy Watch-5.18 – HIV and AIDS (Prevention and Control) Bill, 2016: Necessary but not Sufficient (November 2016)

Policy Watch-5.17 – Demonetization in India (November 2016)

Policy Watch-5.16 – Discourse of Citizenship in Assam (November 2016)

Policy Watch-5.15 – Need For a ‘National Policy on Right to Clean Air’ (November 2016)

Policy Watch-5.14 – The burden of Tuberculosis in India (October 2016)

Policy Watch-5.13 – The usurpation of PCPDNT Act by Radiologists (October 2016)

Policy Watch-5.12 – Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana- The Road To Nowhere? (October 2016)

Policy Watch-5.11 – Wage Inequality in India (October 2016)

Policy Watch-5.10 – An Apathetic Government Cannot Prevent an Epidemic (October 2016)

Policy Watch-5.9 – Aging Population: Challenges & Action (September 2016)

Policy Watch-5.8 – Tamil Nadu State Finances (September 2016)

Policy Watch-5.7 – Continuing to Ignore Privacy Concerns of the Public (September 2016)

Policy Watch-5.6 – Swachh Bharath Mission – The Illusion of Success (September 2016)

Policy Watch-5.5 – Will Smart Cities ‘Digest’ Poverty? (August 2016)

Policy Watch-5.4 – The Balochistan Tactic (August 2016)

Policy Watch-5.3 – Revisiting Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971: A Debate on Abortion (August 2016)

Policy Watch-5.2 – Direct Benefit Transfers in India (August 2016)

Policy Watch-5.1 – Dismantling of Environmental Impact Assessment: The fallouts of the latest notification (August 2016)

Policy Watch-4.42 – Curbing Corruption or Dissent: NGOs within the Ambit of Lokpal (July 2016)

Policy Watch-4.41 – Transgender Policy – A Foot in the Door for the LGBQ Community (July 2016)

Policy Watch-4.40 – Migrant crisis in Kerala: Need to change the political culture (July 2016)

Policy Watch-4.39 – What Caste is Your Metadata? (June 2016)

Policy Watch-4.38 – Mathura Crisis: Reflection of a Larger Political and Cultural Malaise (June 2016)

Policy Watch-4.37 – The New ‘Snapchat Democracy’ (June 2016)

Policy Watch-4.36 – Testing Times: The Controversy over NEET (May 2016)

Policy Watch-4.35 – Why is now the time to do away with Section 309? (May 2016)

Policy Watch-4.34 – Uttarakhand forest fires: The Need to Encourage Local Participation (May 2016)

Policy Watch-4.33 – Western UP on Verge of Explosion (April 2016)

Policy Watch-4.32 – Is the IIT Fee Hike a Wise Move? (April 2016)

Policy Watch-4.31 – Bharat Mata ki Jai: The genesis and relevance of the debate (April 2016)